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What You Need to Know About Canadian Health&Care MallWhat You Need to Know About Canadian Health&Care Mall

This page gives you a general idea of how we came to where we are now. Hope this information will help you understand why we care about every customer so deeply.

Early 90s

From the moment it was founded back in the 1990s, Canadian Health&Care Mall has become one of the top pharmacies in the industry, giving every customer exactly what they came for. Satisfaction of all our customers has become our most important goal from the very beginning, so we worked with dedication and ardor to deliver high quality meds at low prices. Thanks to the loyalty of our numerous customers, we managed to keep our prices low and our standards high, offering efficient solutions for every individual case. We keep adding new features and options to make sure you enjoy the best shopping environment and lowest prices in the industry every time you come by.


This period became a turning point in our history, as this is when we got the most new customers. The pharmacy became truly popular and international, with hundreds of new patients coming by every day. We worked hard on meeting all our customers’ expectations, becoming more efficient and affordable.

Our team of professionals works hard every day to make sure our customers get all the assistance they need when placing an order. We want to be sure everything is perfect and just the way you expect, which is what makes us so different from other online pharmacies and so popular with thousands of international customers.

Shopping for your drugs with an online pharmacy is something you have to think about before making any kind of commitment, but with Canadian Health&Care Mall you have nothing to worry about. We have been there for long enough to understand what exactly our customers need and how they want it, so every aspect of your shopping with us will be safe and convenient. We ship every order as soon as possible and deliver right on time, plus you can be sure our experienced managers will help you figure out anything you have trouble dealing with on your own. VIP treatment, fast delivery, efficient customer support and of course sweet prices make us very popular with international customers.

Our efficient customer support and fast delivery are standard things we want every customer to have. In addition to that, you can be sure your product can be delivered overnight and the package will always be discreet. All our customers feel taken good care of, and there is nothing better than seeing the same people come back to order more, because this kind of loyalty proves we are doing something right. You can be sure that whenever you come back, we will offer even more great stuff to take advantage of, which is why you never have to look for a better pharmacy anymore.


After a long period of working our hardest, during which we gained trust and respect of thousands of international customers, we looked back to analyze our success and decide what else needed to be done. This kind of self-evaluation helped us realize there was still a lot to be done. Our goal has always been to become the best online pharmacy out there, with the widest range of products and services available to our new and regular customers whenever they come by.

Our hard work and dedication to excel make us an exceptional online pharmacy that every customer feels blessed to have found. We make sure you are healthier every day you take our high quality meds, so you can come by any time you need efficient treatment that does not cost you a fortune.

Our experienced managers, qualified medical professionals and dedicated scientists will always help you get better by answering all your questions. Canadian Health&Care Mall is your number one destination for highly efficient drugs that cost you significantly less than anywhere else.

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